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Saturday, November 2, 2013

The beginning of big adventure

The big moment after years of preparations arrived on Saturday morning at 10. Even though there was slight anxiety and electricity in the air at the Hydroscand main building, Amphibear was waiting patiently in all its glory. 

The whole team managed to strip in public and put on the team T-shirt, gathered with everyone and took some group pictures before the main send-off.

At 11AM there were around a hundred people around the car, who came to support Amphibear starting its adventure. Warm coffee and pastries helped against the cold weather and then was the time to begin the most important part of the day. The biggest supporters Hydroscand, Matkasport and Metrotec took the microphone and Let’s Do It World team gave their support and list of necessary contacts, followed by our  team’s introduction and (mental) health check. Last, but not least,  Mait gave a speech and all the supporters and helpers received words of gratitude.

At 11.45 AM the  logbook was signed and sealed, and the last 10 minutes passed quickly with hugs and handshakes.

At 1200, Mait and Hamor took place in their seats and the journey began with flashlights sending Amphibear on its way

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