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Saturday, November 16, 2013

More papers

Although getting the authorization to cross the border takes some of our time, the majority of it is spent waiting. There is nothing we can do while the Ministry of Foreign Affairs asks for clarifications through its own channels; Simo has flown from Kenitra to Rabat for the entire day to get approval for our entry. The mobile phone bill is already such that the operator wanted to cut off our access to the service and hence, calling is limited.

And while we wait, the African apathy tends to sink in. You look into the distance, thinking and doing nothing. There are some things that can still be done.

Checking the technology of a car

Keeping a diary

Since we ourselves can go to Morocco, we have spent the last two nights in the affordable Hotel Valencia in Tangier. The hotel looks tired, but there are no bugs and it has Wi-Fi access which, surprisingly, even works most of the time.

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