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Friday, November 8, 2013

Rear end of truck and sidewind

It seems possible to drive around the world and see only rear end of truck. They are sometimes interesting, and you can make picture collection, but this you can do also on highway next to your home also. We have made about 4000 km in 6 days and seen nothing. For Europe this was our choice. At travel you do not wonder around your home first, do you?

Biggest problem so far has been strong side wind. You can handle it on small roads and low speeds. Just little correction with steering wheel and no big issue. On highways however the road is higher and directs wind near mountains and valleys to strong gusts. Driving highways is constant exercise of being alerted to next gust.

Strong sidewind in France. Warnings also on all highway signs.

Another topic is entrance and exit to toll highways. Clearly not meant for Amphibear. Ticket point is way too close to boom, so we had to slide yourself out of door to get the ticket.

Hamor clearing the highway.

One thing happens for sure during the journey. We meet a lot of good people. Jaanus and Kaidi Tornik had for us friendly hug, king size beds and a lot of good advises about Spain. Nice welcome! They run business of selling hardwood houses. The ones of high quality, made in Estonia. Thirteen years in Spain now. Started picking the oranges first, now live in nice house in good neighborhood. Everything is possible, if you have venturesome spirit and are hardworking for your dreams!

Kaidi Jaanus and Herki hosting Amphibear travellers

We learned that 25 Celsius in November is exception here also. For us it is exotic. We are heading to Algeciras for Gibraltar crossing now.

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