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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Let’s Do It Morocco!

They did it. We crossed the Morocco border in just 4 hours today. And this four hours was not waiting, but continuous process of preparing entry papers and checking that all is as it should be. This is all thanks to Simo Benziane, who spent 5 working days in Rabat, and got all permissions and support we needed. All this behind, our joy of continued travel was high. First we closed the loop, so made quick and short journey to the Morocco side of border with Ceuta. Now the journey is integrated again. Then speedway to Kenitra. And Morocco traffic outside of towns is surprisingly peaceful and polite. No big difference to any European metropolis. Speedway was at highest quality and we arrived Kenitra with ease.

What a welcome. We were met by Simo (in the middle on the photo) and escorted to the front entrance of City Hall. Met by city council and government representatives and continuous flow of people asking questions, welcoming us and proposing guarded parking or place for night or all the good wishes from their heart.

Then hosted by Simo Benziane with Otmane Boucharta, Jad El Khadir and Yassir Gourram.

Kenitra is very nice small city, not ruined by touristic services. So you can walk in the market and watch arty crafts with peace. Search for real Morocco authentic moods and walk at the riverside, if you like more privacy.

By the way, hosting here is more than proper. Guest is welcomed, feed, entertained and offered home sleep in luxurious villa. Nothing to wish for more, except time. As ten days behind of schedule, we must run quite quickly to meet our visa periods in coming countries.

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