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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Selection from toolbox

Sometimes task of gearing up Amphibear seems not possible to solve. Ultra light weight must be combined with high performance. But some tools make you feel like a child with a new toy. Here is selection of some.

Saw is the tool most needed on less traveled roads. But in daily life used so little, that I dare to give no weight nor room for it. The most compact wire saw is not an option. Just I do not trust these. I was really glad to find hand chain saw BCB. Youtube tests prove its efficiency. And holding at hand I am sure. It is the most compact reliable saw you can get.

Next tool I could not resist was Leatherman Surge. We are all used to multitools. This has couple of surprises. One more saw for plastic, metal, wood and so on. It has socket for common jigsaw blade. So with proper handle you can have saw for all your needs. Another most welcomed tool in other end  - small screwdriver for electronics. And of course it has all the rest, including nice big scissors. All tools for one hand operation. 75lm Led Lenser attached to beltclip.

At last the flashlight I like. It does the most simple thing properly - switch on off with one touch of the button. Tired of cheap flashing options,  Led Lenser 7R makes the day lighter, can be loaded just from the same wire as your mobile phone and if you really need has a set of smart options also.

Last but not least the Wuerth adjustable wrench. It has reach 0-40 mm. Made with exactness, so you can measure diameters. I have had it couple of years now and not once Amphibear has traveled without it.

Of course the toolbox is large and includes a lot more. They are all good tools. But presented items have something more. They have character. They I made by designers who really think of users.

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