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Friday, September 13, 2013

Bucket of chain

First chain on Amphibear hydraulic pump lasted two hours. It was my mistake. I was counting on crease applied in factory. But chain is behind car radiator. It has working temperature about 80 Celsius. Crease melts and flies away from chain. Especially, as industrial chains do not have o-rings to keep grease in place. Chain without lubrication is really matter of hours.

Next chains are prepared differently. First all factory crease is flushed away, chain dried, drylube applied, chain dried, high viscosity and temperature chain oil applied. Drylube keeps lubrication cycle longer and withstands higher loads. Chain oil distributes better and keeps corrosion away. This way chains last. Preparation of course is dirty and not quick job, but if you do bunch of chains together then there is some efficiency.

Bucket 10 litre almost full of chains with applied lubricants Loctite MoS2 drylube (8191) and high temperature chain oil (8011).

I have prepared 10 chains for the start of journey. More I never need on first stage and less I do not dare to take as mistake in lubrication or Scottoiler malfunction can end some chains rather quickly.

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