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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Radio equipment

Received travel equipment from Tehnoturg. Cool stuff! The most important items are pair of Alinco DJ G7E radio transmitters as short range walkie-talkie solution for all over the world. Tehnoturg preprogrammed licence free frequencies: for Europe PMR, for America FRS and Marine VHF channels also. In all frequencies Alinco can transmit and listen, btw it can listen two frequencies simultaneously. Of course, as Amphibear has marine plotter in the place of radio, now I can listen to normal radio channels also. These are HAM devices, but with my restricted radio operator licence and no HAM call sign I can not use this functionality. Additionally I will program in (receive, not transmit) AIS channels for additional audio warning on ocean and CB channels for highway information. Plotter has AIS receiver installed, but double warning is better.

Especially glad I am about waterproofness of the devices. Otherwise dangerous salty sea-air should not damage these, as they are IPX7 certified. As no free place for device in dashboard, the dock was installed on passenger seat shoulder. Small metal console from headrest keeps dock on place. Of course there are cheaper devices for walkie-talkie, but as with regions I need to switch frequencies. Cheaper ones would be useless soon.

Alinco DJ G7E in doc at passenger seat shoulder

They provided clever external antenna also. Wire is protected in the middle of the frame. So you can close the window and it is sealed. No hole drilling or cable sleeves needed.

Clever external antenna holder

Now I am equipped with communication devices. I have: marine VHF with DSC, pair of Alinco multifunctional devices, two GSM phones, Iridium DeLorme messenger, and EPIRB transmitter for emergency signal. All devices are waterproof to some extent. Should be enough for all regions and situations.

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