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Friday, September 20, 2013

Safety gear

Arrived last safety gear piece Viking Life 4 UKL RescYou, equipped with ISO Pack I. Not small, not light. It weights 36 kg. Fitting it will take some thinking. If not fitting into the car, I will set it on the roof on land. For better accessibility it will go on top of pontoon on sea.

Now all needed safety gear is here and I have more piece of mind. Last safety services topic was insurance. While traveling, travel insurance is most needed. But in remote places this does not help much. For remote places there is nice budget option.  Membership of GEOS SEARCH & RESCUE PROGRAM at gives you some serious promises. They promise to bring you out of wilderness within 72h on you emergency message (only very few exceptions). And coverage of 50 000 USD costs by case. It has some fine letter in agreement also. Let us hope, that neither big promises nor fine letter will be needed.

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