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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Tourist Owen - Rio De Janeiro

In the morning, I headed to town looking for the necessary new pieces for my boat, but it was a fruitless endeavour. If you want to shop for souvenirs, Rio is an excellent place but if you need to buy something for your boat, then you encounter a problem. I can find fifty times more stainless products in my own Estonian e-shop than in the best shops I was recommended to visit here in Rio. Ordering the necessary parts might work but the price would be so high that it is cheaper to send for them from Estonia. I thought that I probably didn’t know yet where to buy the boat equipment in Rio because it didn’t seem possible that in such a world class city the options could be so limited.

The captain Marcelo I met at the harbour and who was well-informed about the Amphibear confirmed that finding the necessary boat equipment actually was a problem in Rio. All industrial enterprises were in Sao Paulo and if you needed something in Rio, you had to look for their local representatives or change your location.

The architecture in Rio is a mixture of beautiful Portuguese colonial buildings, modern sky-scrapers and shabby brick wall houses

Rio itself was like an oven. The weather was so hot that even the local men took off their shirts. During the day, the temperatures rose to 32-34°C and when strolling in the city, it took less than half an hour to be completely sweaty, regardless of your walking pace. The only way to escape from sweating when going to the logistics company every day was to take a taxi; otherwise my shirt would have had ugly sweat stains by the time I got to the office.

The Copacabana is further away from here but the beaches of Guanabara Bay were also crowded

The Brazilian customs system seemed very similar to the Moroccan one. The local big logistics company Port Logistics and its operational manager Bianca Pires tried for four days (from Monday morning to Thursday night) to get the permission for the Amphibear to enter the country. Everything was well-advised and professionally performed. The results were successful. Amphibear was lifted from the Geoholm to the ground and it was legally in the country. For the time being, the vehicle remained in the warehouse outside the city but maybe it wasn’t such a bad place to store it.

My travel companion who finally arrived admires the size of the Marina da Gloria. The fact that the marina simultaneously hosted Cirque du Soleil and the electronic music festival gives an idea of how big it is. The port captain Ricardo Ermel gave us many useful contacts and agreed to find a place in the harbour for the Amphibear

Unfortunately, both car keys and the rest of the equipment were stuck in the customs and the Air Cargo warehouse. The Estonian Honorary Consul, whose address was marked on the consignment, was out of the country and didn’t come back until the end of the month. They wouldn’t give the consignment to anyone else. Luckily, the Port Logistics promised to help me again. For example, to release a package from customs, you need a list of all things and pay the 50% customs duty. If every country would ask that, then I would have to pay in total 1500% duty on my equipment. It isn’t in the budget...

Next time, I will talk more about lifting the vehicle, going through the customs with it and its current condition.

Translated by Luisa Translation Agency

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