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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Rio for tourists

Offices are closed and car cannot be accessed on weekends. Therefore we have freedom to look around in owen. Sun from senit, looking around is easy. No sun glare to eyes. Most valuable places here are the cool ones.

Botanical Garden of Rio is majestic and cosy simultaneously. Has nice shaded pathways. Trees are withs signs, indifferent of nature. It is not colorful and blossom at this season. It is refreshing with shaded places and forms of beauty.

Tijuaca National Park is similar place to rest from metropol noisy heat. Due to water supply to city, not place for bathing, just walks on riverside in mountains.

Different places for owe escape are famous Ipanema and Copacabana beaches. There is thermal wind, some degrees cooler and also has cooling effect itself. Crowded and breaking waves first resist you to go to swimming and then send you back with sand filled trousers. Copacabana was more crowded than Ipanema.

Shopping street Uruguaiana and neighbouring market had as well a lot of people and a lot of boutiques. That does not mean, you find what you are looking for, but shopping you can do endlessly.

Naturally to metropol, there is quality entertainment as well. Marina da Gloria hosted Cirque de Soleil, I visited. So famous, that no need to describe in detail. One can not make pictures of performance, but even curtains were attractive.

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