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Monday, September 9, 2013


Preparations have lasted more than year for now. Every week I write to paper tasks for the week, in total about 20 tasks. Half of these will be fulfilled during the week, half need some more work in next. And 10 are added to the list every week.

As sample, Week 35 list of tasks:
  • Get offers for car insurance
  • Configure social media for the blog
  • Post new blog entry
  • Make a list for media press release 
  • Get final conditions for Carnet
  • Time for dentist
  • Sign sponsor agreements 
  • Apply for Senegal via
  • Find out Russian special permission areas in my way 
  • Go to Hydroscand for hydraulics service
  • Order car spare parts
  • Connect additional fuel filter
  • Move position of FineVu camera
  • Replace main rope
  • Get sponsor logos for car design
  • Car oil change
  • Make fender for case of chain breakage 
  • Renew application for boat radio devices
  • Clean spare chains from factory oil and oil with Henkel oils
  • Make computer attachment to car
  • Calibrate car magnetic compass
This is not the only list. Somewhere in computer there is list for needed equipment. Somewhere there is list for budget and accounting tasks. Table is covered with cables, to check video and computer compatibility for travel, make USB hub to work with external hard drive, test computer with AIS and position NMEA sentences.

It seems the base of evil is equipment. The more you have it the more you need to test, connect and pack. But Amphibear is piece of equipment also. And it is the modern equipment that makes near real time blogging, tweeting and even navigation possible. There is no way out of this circle!

Simple algebra says that with 52 weeks and 10 tasks performed every week journey preparations take about 520 task to fulfill. As preparations started much earlier we can double or triple this number.

Sometimes I wish to be on trip already. But this is wrong attitude. Happy you can be in every single moment and happiness can not be planned ahead. So, let's be happy now with my task lists.

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