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Thursday, September 5, 2013


I have worked as marketing manager, but I have never supervised laminating process of vehicle. Amphibear was laminated by Hardwic. Two, sometimes three men worked on it 11 hours. For me it is like painting. I hate painting. You have to make it correct at once. I commonly make small defects, then start to improve these and then ruin the result. I prefer to trust these jobs to professionals.

First stage is cleaning. Even on totally clean surface they find dirt with right chemicals. After that design is aligned and attached temporarily.

Next stage is laminating process itself. Most important is to keep position, so thin ribbon of protective film is removed on one side and pressed to surface as base for position. Then carefully the rest of image is glued.
The most beautiful moment is removing of protective outer layer.

Hardwic team laminated Amphibear.

Instructions for owner of freshly laminated car were simple. Do not move tinted windows and wait for two weeks, before you trim edges you want to trim..

Designed by Division. I like the car outlook much more now.

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