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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Protection from corrosion

After two and half days crawling under the car the underside is finally covered with corrosion protection vax Terotex HV 400. Years ago Offroad Service did the same job. And in a lot of places the vax layer was visible and of course no corrosion under it. Car has got some water and frame has some spots or stripes of rust. Still quite OK. Now I have shiny underside (of the car) to first gravel road.

Shiny frame and vax Terotex HV 400

As side result I had to throw away some clothes and ground cover sheets. As dried vax is resistant to washing or cleaning attempts, it was easiest solution.

This does not protect the car from corrosion totally. There are inaccessible places and vax will also wash off over time. But as all bolts and nuts and visible places are now covered, then there should be a lot less corrosion and easier access for a while.

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