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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Seaman transformation

I decided to transport car to Europe without pontoons. Transport with pontoons was several times more expensive. As pontoons are broken, then no use of old pontoons anyhow. Closest big port for sea transport is Lima, capital of Peru.

Arrived at Lima late evening and looked for place to park car safely and spend a night. Navigation system proposed interesting campsite inside town - Lima Club Germania. At arrival, gate closed. Guards do not speak English. "No, I do not have invitation. No, they do not have campsite. Difficult to recommend hotel with parking for car of that size." Finally one of the passing quests spoke English, and soon everything arranged. Car safely at parking slot of their stadium, next to couple from France with their Jeep. Toilet and showers nearby, what else to wish.

Next morning started my search for 10x6m safe place to disassemble pontoons. Letters sent, FB posted got several replies soon. Tarmo Haud from Estonia had friend in Japan with friend in Firewheels worksop in Lima. Got letter from Ciacomo ja Santiago Podesta from Firewheels.

Wanted to pay for hosting services next morning at Club Germania. Administrator looked at me with surprise, "No, you have not to pay anything" Unbelievable hospitality! I hoped this is good sign for my Lima time.

Firewheel had huge workshop. Filled with clients car partly above each other. No place for Amphibear. Discussed with Santiago, and he proposed immediately another place out of town. Followed his bigger Toyota Land Cruiser with my Amphibear, Prado version and 40 km from Lima to my surprise we reached his mansion. Very nice one! Nice place to dismantle pontoons also.

Pontoons on ground the work begins

Firewheels lended me one pair more of helping hands. As Santiago made his hands with Amphibear dirty also, it all went quickly first day. We disconnected most of mechanical systems by the evening, also part of hydraulics disconnected.

Pontoon now free of most connections with three pair of hands. Santiago Podesta on the right.

Second day worked alone. Sad, sad! So far cancellation was just decision. Here it became the finite reality. To the evening of second day car was separated from pontoons and full of stuff.

Amphibear still there, but not functional any more.

Under driver side front leg discovered unexpected damage. Instead of crack there was real hole in pontoon.

If nothing fits, then it is just matter of next effort to fit it all. 

Next morning at Firewheels.

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