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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Amphibear sailed to the ocean

Amphibear is sailing on the ocean. Still in mobile coverage area, SAT phone is working well. Weather forecast is favourable.


  1. Kristan, what's the ETA to Cabo Verde? what's the diesel consumption per hour?

  2. Best Wishes also from Switzerland...

  3. Hi Vents, it is 770km or 415NM to Praia, capital of Cabo Verde. As long as I see Mait is keeping constant speed 10kmh. It is difficult to estimate,does he need to change the chain connecting to the hydraulic system (he has several spares) and is he going to switch out the engine while he is sleeping (in theory he does not have to as he has cruise control). I would estimate 4-5 days without technical delays. Fuel consumption on water as tested beforehand was 0.56l/km. Mait took 600l with him.

  4. Kristjan, thanks! does that mean Mait is alone on his car/boat? (sounds pretty crazy to me to be honest) What sort of cruise control does he have? more importantly, how does he store/carry 600L of fuel now and 2m^2+ for Cabo Verde - Fernando di Naonjas leg??? curious minds want to know! :)

  5. Mait is alone on the ocean legs, yes. We had some discussions about having a co-pilot, both options have pros and cons. While travelling alone Mait can have much more fresh water and food per person. His progress can be monitored remotely and if there is a major technical problem, there is no difference how many pilots are in Amphibear. The best would be to accompany Amphibear with a yacht and if anybody reading this volunteers, it is most welcome either on a longer leg from Praia to Brazil or later while crossing the Bering Sea.

    The fuel is stored in the central sections of the pontoons, he is currently loaded only to reach safely Cabo Verde.

  6. Kristjan, the setup in terms of Mait's car/boat (weight/size/waterline) length is reasonably close to my sailing catamaran, (4-5T/10.5mx7m/10m). I have one recently installed 21hp marinized diesel engine with mehanical 1:2 gearbox and 15x7 1/2 inch 2 blade folding prop.
    theoretical hull speed is ~7.8knts, in reality full throttle / flat water - around 7 knts.
    So I'd say:
    1) something is off w/Mait's setup, if he does 5knts w/2 props ,most probably props are too small diam / too steep pitch.
    2) my diesel consumes 2-3L of fuel per hour at 5-6 knts of cruise speed
    3) (so Mait imho do not need a big engine he is using at the moment. Marinized 21hp diesel weights 90-100kg, gearbox including. carrying such for driving props on water would very quickly lead to saved fuel/weight, especially on long passages. plus if present setup id preserved - it's a redundancy)

    (I have some some other comments, please tell me if such are appropriate, how to post if at all, etc I don't want to be annoying)
    (from sailors point of view Mait is doing crazy stuff, ignoring a lot of common knowledge, I am affraid)


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