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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Keri Island in Baltic Sea

Two day test 24 - 25 June 2011 on Baltic Sea

I have avoided salty seawater so far. But finally discovered nice mouth of the Jägala river you can acess and head out to the sea. There I can enter to fresh water and exit from fresh water. This way I can postpone serious rusting of the car to more serious travel time. Keri is small island in one third of the way from Estonia to Finland. 

Some modifications needed testing also: bridge between pontoons made of two connected sand ladders, motorcycle scottoiler series modified chain oiling, replaced side camera and other smaller modifications.

Meeting point of Jägala River and Baltic Sea.

In search for deeper water and avoiding rocks. It is always serious task, as no map shows rocks on so shallow water. I have hit some during the initial test with the pontoons and resulting bends teach to be even more careful.

Careful driving in the water.

Co pilot Paul did provide great help.

Only occasional splashes on calm sea.

Followed by dark clouds and rain.

Keri host Peep Rada introduces the island.

Amphibear anchored with two anchors, between rocks on all sides.There is no port at Keri. It was tricky task to get anchored. First to find wide enough safe place between rocks. Then getting in seaside anchor to right spot. Of course I misjudged the distance. Then got anchor rope around one propeller. Finally managed to get to the place, one anchor at sea other on shore around one big rock.

Keri Lighthouse.

Lighthouse interior.


Some building from old times servicing the lighthouse. All Keri was Army base during Soviet era.

Good morning trip around Keri. I slept in the car, to guard it against hitting rocks during the night. Sea was calm, just some residual waves. I got asleep and then suddenly somebody was pulling my bed with great force away from me. It was the shore anchor with rigid Dyneema line. Waves pulled the car slightly, until the line got fully tensioned on some waves. It continued through the night as you can see from my face.

Back to home on incredible sea,

where the only waves were the ones Amphibear created.

 Amphibear first Sea journey on the map.

Distance covered on land 74 km. Distance covered on sea 58 km. Fuel used 37 l. By test results some bridge fixing modification needed, chain oiling main control unit failed, and more seriously support on the roof of car needs strengthening.

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