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Saturday, August 29, 2009

First Cruising Test

Some pictures of the first cruising test at Kiiu, August 2009.

Morning swim to map the bottom. Lucky me, I had my windsurfing wetsuit.

Running around, planning, controlling, worrying.

Aligned for entry.

  It raises. It works. Wow.

Cruising at idle throttle.

Anchored for lunch.

Half of the test time I was in the water releasing the car from different rocks I found.

Coming out I got stuck! Tire pressure was too high and the bottom too soft. Fortunately I wasn't stuck long.

The rope coat broke, rope stuck and with multi-tool scissors I had to cut away the coating. Half of it under the water (wetsuit needed one more time) and half later of total 26m of rope.

Test complete.

It worked. I made more than 20 notes for improvements before the next test. The most serious is the paperwork to register the car's reconstruction at the road safety agency.

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