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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sightseeng Gibraltar

So far we have talked about Strait of Gibraltar. We took day off and went sightseeing Gibraltar territory also. First surprise at entrance. Road closed to let over the road plane takeoff. There was crossroad of ordinary road and airport runaway.

Tourists are attracted directly to old town. It is actually quite nice.

And you see there people walking their dogs.

Naturally you have to visit Rock of Gibraltar. Monkeys are more peaceful than in a lot of other places in the world. Do not steal your belongings so obviously. But they can make angry face if needed, especially when photographer sets his wide angle so close.

Not totally urbanized, they climb trees.

St. Michaeli Cave was the most impressive of attractions.

Over thousands of years nature has sculptured incredible forms.

Some of these are huge.

Met Estonians guided us to Estonian drink store. Now I understand. The shop sells half liter of vodka for one euro. Not surprising, Spaniards are angry on this kind of injustice.

Shop owner checks the small number on bill. It is correct.

Gibraltar has its soul on everything. Nice small shops with dignity, balanced architecture, charming climate and people. There is feeling of a need to come back later. Hopefully not during this trip...

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