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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Criss-crossing Gibraltar

As we could not get the entry permit from Morocco border with Ceuta we took ferry, back to Algeciras and back to Tangier Med port. In Ceuta border point they said, we can cross the border in Tangier Med. We dared not to use our Amphibian to go into water, as it seemed the wires in heads of officials were crossed from seeing this car on land already. We went to ferry, pretending to be normal car.

We were correct, wires crossed in Tangier Med also. But if severel VIP-s had several phone calls, we were given some hope. Hope freeze for weekend and coming Day of Freedom - no paperwork during holidays. So, we took ferry again back to Spain.

It is cheaper to run Amphibear on water, than use ferry. Amphibear spent on fuel some twenty euros for Gibraltar crossing. Ferry costs are 100-150 Euros dependent on route.

Amphibear pretends to be normal car on ferry.

Mohammed Benziane, shortly Simo from Kenitra was so hardworking, he got Transportation permit for us. However, it is not over yet. We have to get approval for our boating radio equipment from Radiocommuniction agency. And there is no sence to get freezed in port again, so first all papers and then again to Tangier Med port.

Here we can think about alternative, heading Atlantic from Spain also. It is not probable option, but better to be prepared than not. We can take care of Amphibear also. Constant cleaning, checking and repacking is part of this journey. As we have the most important paper, transportation permit our plans are still on crossing Africa. Even if entry problems for any of the next countries, Cabo Verde is close there.

But now in friendly Spain for few days.

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