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Monday, October 7, 2013

FLIR window in darkness

Night navigation is easy, if you have traveled the waterway for years. On my fishing places I know the contours and can drive in darkness to the home. However, some light is still needed. In cloudy weather, light misty rain in autumn it can be really really dark. And navigation just by plotter is not secure at all. Amphibear is too small for proper marine radar. Radar would need experience to read also. Therefore the real thermal imaging was on the wishlist for Amphibear. Even in total absence of visible light and in mist it can draw the picture of your surroundings.

Thanks to FLIR support, the FLIR MD-324 is installed on Amphibear now. The main unit sits like small alien on front frame corner.

Indifferently from common night vision systems, thermal imaging is easy to test. You do not need darkness, as picture will be the same during twilight and night time.

And special benefit, it will be useful for hitting the road. It gives good visibility of humans and animals on roadside. I wish to have one of these on all my vehicles, it is so good improvement for the road ahead.

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