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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Five fingers

We discussed with Erki Koldits and Kristjan Kalda communication with the support team. If both sides know the code, information about the weather for 5 days can be posted in an sms of 160 signs. Of course there were also other matters to discuss.

The fun part of the day was trying on the Vibram FiveFingers shoes. Everybody in possession of 5 toes on both feet tried them on. There were different opinions. The most innovative ones liked them and said that the shoes felt extremely comfortable. “It is like walking barefoot!” , they said. The others could not detect their toes and had difficulties with putting the Vibrams on. They said it was a torture. And some said that they simply needed some time to get used to the new type of footwear. A refreshing sensation anyway it was. Hopefully we shall see some of our Amphibear-adventure members moving their toes soon.

Vibram FiveFingers water-resistant models LONTRA were granted to the Amphibear team by the European and Estonian FiveFingers representatives to support the team on their wet adventure.

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