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Your contribution makes world more happy place, but not only. Your contribution makes world also different place as you have encouraged something new and wonderful. It would not happen without you playing role on it.

Thank you!

There are wonderful companies in the world. They can design professional solutions to your problem. They can deliver excellent quality. They are able to take decision to support your project in two hours.They trust you. Thank you Hydroscand for showing excellence and supporting the dreams!

Stainless steel from stainless e-shop. If business winner is most profound company to details then you are the one. Thank you for your contribution to Amphibear.

For extreme environments and designs on the edge, you need only the best quality chemical products. More, you demand innovative edge. Your lubrication, protection, and glues must outstand from competitors. Profound decision making values the contribution decision even more.. Thank you for your support Henkel!

Some things are important in life, some things are important to feel the beauty of the life. Having right equipment makes you feel confident, accomplish more and see the beauty of the life. Matkasport, thank you for making Amphibear to feel like home with your Cascade Design, GoPro and other high quality travel accessories.

From some companies you ask for solutions instead of products. And they are able to surprise you with products you never knew before and solve your problem elegantly. Thank you Tehnoturg for your communication and camera solutions.

The most clever sales tool for businesses to find their potential customers. You just tell them what is your product or service and they find consumers who need it. Thank you LeadPocket for your support.

Importance of your health you realize when you loose it. High grade professional prevention and medical advice when needed will critical when at trouble. Thank you Kirurgiakeskus for your sponsorship!

Always open minded, always innovative and helpful. Than you for your contribution Astrec!
Company that makes your life simple and your rooms warm. Thank you Energate!

Knowing your trucks online position seems obvious today. Not so obvious is options for online logistics and cost optimization as innovated by Metrotec. Thank you for your support and solutions!

Technology, that opens new ways to perceive the world is as well interesting, but mostly highly useful also. Thank you FLIR for providing marine thermal camera for Amphibear!

I am always amazed, that small companies can make the factory cars so much better. Maybe I should not be as just set one to float. But about engine soul I know little, and I am happy to trust Amphibear engine to Seletron hands. It will be better. Thank you for your support Seletron!

Luisa, the biggest translation agency in Estonia, is helping to report on the adventures covered by this blog via its junior translators. For more information about our junior translation service see:

I am delighted to thank donors of Amphibear Around the World project: Urmas Lilleorg, Mihkel Ambre, Cristo Pajust, Laur Kelder, Anneli Alekand, Riina Einberg, Tiit Nilson, Jaan Kelder, Athanasius Catalan, Randel Veerits, Veiko Tasso, Vitalijs Mozerts, Marti Schmidt, Madis Veskimägi, Andrei Karpenko, Jukka Harju, Christian Aebli, Veiko Tasso (in sequence of donation date).


And some have given their talent and heart to help me

If the task is impossible, then this is the task Offroad Service will solve for your car. Thank you Marek Pedak for performing impossible tasks with innovation and precision at Amphibear.

There is never "good enough" design - design must be outstanding. There is no "we try" - we make it work. There is no good idea in the world to copy -only great ideas to make better. Thank you Division team for your excellence and help provided.

To notice something, that others miss, to help others to perform requires talent. Thank you MarKor Meedia for your help in filming the life more charming than it is.

And there are countless people, whom I try to count here. They have just helped me some on small things, some on bigs things without asking anything in return. Some of them are very dear to me, but some I saw first time and they helped me immediately without asking anything in return. Aare Mukk, Argo Mere, Emanuel Lago, Erki Koldits, Hamor Kaha, Harry Pajundi, Ingar Mäesalu, Kalev Kaal, Kalle Solba, Kristjan Kalda, Lea Nilson, Maire Kuriljak, Marek Kiisa, Marek Pedak, Margus Kukk, Martin Korjus, Meelis Leppik, Mihkel Ambre, Minna-Liina Lind, Peeter Vähi, Pille Russi, Priit Rohumets, Raul Vahisalu, Riinu Vassiljev, Ruth Oper, Scott Diel, Stanislav Popov, Sulev Rattiste, Tarmo Mere, Teet Margna, Tiit Pruuli, Tiit Tallo, Urmas Lilleorg, Valdur Vaht, Valeri Morozov, Vladislav Issaev thank you all.

All your help makes this project possible. Thank you!