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Saturday, February 1, 2014

The other side of Rio

International Bossanova day was in Sunday. To take part of celebrations we visited concert, given in park between famous beaches Copacabana and Ipanema. First band was enthusiastic, but not professional. Second one was on level of expectations. Beautiful vocal and performer.

Professional Bossanova performance close to Rio beaches.

Concert time and place allowed to enjoy sunset together with concert.

Last week postponed welding was done in Monday morning quickly. Welders were on place before me, and to lunchtime the pontoons had drives attached again. We were ready to head for Toyota service in other side of Rio. Not matter the soft brakes due to rusty brake disks, this 40km of ride went well. Service was offered by Rodobens Automoveis. Correct, clean and friendly as other Toyota services we have seen. They promised work done in two days with friendly price. Promise kept.

Restored brake disks and new brake pads installation at Rodobens Automoveis

Instead of hotel we chose nearby hostel Adepta, Daniel from Rodobens recommended. So we had close look on Rio south district also. Nice, clean, green, wide streets, big shopping centers and safe. Like in America. Where we are of course. As result hotels are double expensive and our friendly hostel did cost us price of hotel. Only problem here was mosquitos, resolved with repellent.

At the same time Milena, assistant of Estonian Honorary Council, delivered signed authorization to Port Logistics for getting our equipment from customs warehouse in airport. We had great hopes to get our stuff in Thursday, but Port Logistics customs broker was busy. And planned visit in Friday, was postponed again, as customs officer needed for clearing all out was not in place. We can get our luggage in Monday only. No need to tell how disappointed we were. So far so professional Port Logistics now delayed as 4 days.

For avoiding hot and expensive Rio, we headed to Teresopolis, small town close to Rio. In other side of small mountains, little cooler, with nice natural park and campsite. We do not have camping gear, but some random items. However, it is warm, not raining, we have mosquito repellent. No problem to spend few nights in campsite.

Amphibear on move again, still tied to Rio. Immediately after getting the equipment we head south as Peter has to fly home by his tickets in Chile. View from mountains towards Rio

Beautiful Teresopolis in mountains near Rio. Road toll is among highest in Brazil per kilometer.

Local campsite had kind hosting and nice pool. As Peeter remarked: Nobody swims, all jump up and down here in water.

Meanwhile some information about new pontoons production and delivery got got time and price tag. Factory can deliver new pontoons at the end of March to Lima in Peru. Pontoons will cost about USD 14 000 and delivery USD 4 000. Funds provided by current sponsors allow us to over about half of the cost. For other half I need new sponsors and donators. Now is the right time to support the journey!

Some new donator names added to pontoons, there is still room for your name.

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