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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Technical faults are always unexpected

A malfunction is always expected, they happen all the time. Specific fault is always unexpected, especially if it occurs on both parts of a doubled knot. It was partially possible to fix the broken attachments of the transmission, but it was disturbed by waves of a few metres that made the backside move violently up and down in the water.

The malfunction was caused by my inadequate estimate of the strength of the knot made in the factory. Hindsight.

In addition to the transmission malfunction, a leak in the pontoon caused by the transmission occurred. Some water was pumped out, but the vehicle still tilted.

A vessel named HARU was called to our aid and was supposed to be able to lift Amphibear on board. However, it turned out it did not have enough power. A quick decision was needed, whether to stay with the vehicle or leave it. Since Amphibear bumped into the rescue ship while the lifting was discussed, it was possible that the aluminum pontoons were damaged even more. So it was decided to leave Amphibear behind, and for three days no help for the ship was found, the damages kept increasing and the rescue ship will arrive especially to assist.

Communication worked and great work was done by Kristjan Kalda and Erki Koldits on the support crew. They can be asked about the possibilities and measures taken.

A Norwegian ship named GEOHOLM which has a decent crane is looking for a vessel. However, the likelihood of finding one is decreasing.

Mait Nilson, Mindelo

Translated by Luisa Translation Agency

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